Tribute to Pamela Kaplan z”l by Philip Minster

In London Pamela worked for an organization called Patwa, which dealt with aliyah for Professional Technical Workers. In 1963 Pamela received a hand-written letter from David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, who was very interested in the work of Patwa of promoting aliyah, a subject close to his heart. He wanted to meet Pamela in London to discuss the problems of Aliyah which was finding work in Israel. When he did meet Pamela in London he invited her to Israel to help with aliyah from different countries.
When Pamela finally made aliyah in Israel herself she worked for the Jewish Agency. During that time at the agency she went undercover smuggling Jews from Syria, Morocco, India and Ethiopia to get them into Israel.
In 1968 she became personal assistant to Uzi Narkis when he retired as general from the IDF. He then held key positions in both the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization. Pamela supervised the aliyah of 1500 U.S. Olim who were on the Queen Anna Maria,
Pamela served as National Chairman of H.O.B. 4 times, 3 in the 1970’s and finally in 2000. She was in charge of 2 Jewish Agency hostels, 1 in Bat Yam and the other in Holon.
In 1989 she was made director of Ulpan Meir in Jerusalem and after retiring continued working for the Jewish Agency helping new Olim.
This is the last thing she wrote in her book of memoirs:
” last but not least writing my biography has brought back memories of events that I had forgotten about like the a journey into the past. I realize how lucky I have been throughout the years. Through my work and trips around the world I have made many lasting friends of different religions and races. I realize that I have done a fair amount in my life at least enough to fill a book.”