Netanya Visit to Israel Guide Dog for the Blind Centre

29 October 2017 @ 08:00 – 13:00
NIS 40-50

The Israel Guide Dog Centre is on Moshav Bet Oved.

The center is a member of the International Guide Dog Federation and is considered a pioneer in new innovative training methods. It is the only certified guide dog school in the Middle East. At two months the puppies are given to puppy raisers who raise them with love and dedication and expose them to the environment. At the age of one year the dogs return to the center, where they undergo six months of training during which they learn to avoid obstacles, stop at every curb, travel on public transport, and other necessary skills. Only the best dogs complete the training course, and are then paired with a blind person.

Join us for a visit to see the dogs and the work they do at the Centre.